Entrepreneurship Training Workshop (ETW)

An intensive motivational and behavioral program focused towards imparting personal entrepreneurial competencies to participants through learning by doing six day training program that targets the individual who is starting or has been running a business. It addresses the key competencies that an aspiring entrepreneur should possess. It is a behavioral change program. 

The major strengths of this workshop are :

Micro Entrepreneurship Workshop

Three day workshop that develops the assertiveness and aggressiveness needed to survive business challenges and helps one to understand sucess attributes for entrepreneurs and appreciates their value in growing their business. The workshop targets any aspiring individual at entry level who wants to be an Entrepreneur. The MED focuses on the key entrepreneurial competencies as well as business management skills. The workshop equips the Individual with business management skills such as marketing, record keeping, costing and pricing.  It  gives an understanding of how to come up with a bankable business plan.

Basic Enterprise Start-up Tool

To bridge the unemployment gap for the inexperienced but educated youth. The program assist in the creation of young entrepreneurs who will in turn employ other youth. The 4-day modular training equips the youths/participants from any profession with the confidence and practical skills to start and run successful enterprises and focuses on attitudinal change. The program does not only  supplement on-going efforts  in addressing rising unemployment but  helps in reducing vulnerability of the youth to unproductive and sometimes economic challenges. The BEST program has more emphasis on resource mobilisation to start a business. It gives an understanding of how to craft a bankable business plan, builds credit worthiness of an individual and it addresses the need for the individual to gain the key competencies of an Entrepreneur.

Corporate Entrepreneurship Program (CEP)

An intensive motivational and behavioural change programme focussed towards imparting personal behaviour competencies to participants through learning by doing. They will identify their weak and strong competencies in the context of the role that they play within an organisation and see how they can capitalise on the strong areas and strengthen the weak areas. The focus is on motivating employees and assist them to see their role in achieving the Company’s goals. Each participant is required to identify a problem area in their workstation and develop a work plan during the course which they will then take back to their workplaces and implement. Empretec advisors will make scheduled follow up visits with the participants and their immediate superiors to monitor the implementation of the work plan.

Business Advisory Services

These are interventions by Empretec tailormade to suit different individuals and organisations. They are aimed at addressing specific business challenges that would have been identified by Empretec and the business owner. The end goal is profit maximisation

Follow up

Trained participants are followed up and evaluated on impact of the workshop or trainings

Business Health Checks

An assessment of the running and management of the enterprise for systems. Further assistance offered as required

Business coaching

Continuous assistance offered to participants before and after training “hand holding” to maturity


Mentorship gives the entrepreneur an opportunity to learn from the well experienced and seasoned business person or expert. It involves handholding the newly established business person learn the ropes of running a successful business.

Access to Markets and Market linkages

How to access lucrative markets, using different sources, buyer-seller programs, matching and meetings

Financial Management

This Course is designed to help entreprenuers appreciate basic accounting concepts and be able to make decisions from accounting information.

Customer Care

Customer Care Course is designed to equip entrepreneurs with skills to interact and connect with customers inorder to meet customer’s goals and needs. The end is a mutually beneficial relationship between the organisation and the customer


The program aims to strength the capacity of institutions to offer business and export development services. It targerts women owned and managed MSMEs already exporting or with export potential and strengthens their export readiness. 

Benefits of export training

Supply Chain Management

The program is aimed at reducing the enterprises total purchasing and supply costs and make optimum use of resources. It gives the tools and techniques needed to develop innovative  approaches to supply chain management and excel in an environment of global competition. This program helps make immediate and substantial contributions to a companys profitability. The course is aimed at present and future managers and specialists responsible for purchasing and supply chain management.